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Working together against poaching and the illegal trade in ivory.

Kids Tusk Force Working With Schools and Groups

KIDS’ TUSK FORCE UK invites children and teachers from schools across Britain to get involved with a crusade to help stop the killing of African elephants…to stop poaching, and to stop the illegal trade in ivory…BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

First request permission from your Head Teacher, then register your school with KIDS’ TUSK FORCE UK.

Create a display board of ''Did You Know'' facts about elephants in your school - Make our beads- Design your own advertising posters - hold a fundraising sale …..If your school is small perhaps you can join forces with another. Make your families and friends aware of what is going on and how much you care about the future of elephants. Organize a presentation to your Head Teacher….Invite the School Governors….Hold a school assembly to inform all the children and teaching staff about your Bead Sale, why you are getting involved and why you want to foster an orphaned elephant. Invite your MP…invite a journalist and photographer from your local paper. Make your voices heard!

We can help you…For further information contact us …..

There is a famous old saying that ‘An elephant never forgets’……..You will never forget what you have done to help give a little elephant at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust a future.

Payment Instructions

Please follow these instructions when you are ready to foster the orphan elephant you have chosen for your school.

  1. To help you choose, you can view the orphan profiles at (you can filter the orphans by age, species, gender and current location).
  2. Once you have chosen which orphan you wish to adopt, click the red ‘Adopt’ button on the orphan’s profile to add him/her to your basket. If you want to add more orphans to your basket, click ‘Continue shopping’. When you have added all your chosen orphans, click ‘Next step’.
  3. If your school does not yet have a Sheldrick Trust account, enter your details to Register (To register your school or club, click on the ‘Title’ field and select ‘Group’ from the drop-down menu).
  4. Enter the amount per year and select the number of years you wish to adopt your orphan (You will be charged for all years in one payment). The minimum donation per year must be £35 or more. For example, if you have raised £200, you could:

    Adopt one orphan for five years at £40 a year (or five orphans for one year each) £40.00 x5 = £200

    Adopt an orphan for the minimum £35 a year for five years and add a £25 donation £35.00 x5 = £175 + £25 = £200

  5. You can choose how you would like the name to appear on each certificate, i.e. your school’s name, class name or club name.
  6. Once you have completed your order, your school/teacher will be able to access your adoptions via your Sheldrick Wildlife Trust account.

To donate by post, please use this form: Download the School Donation Form.

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