Kids Tusk Force UK - Finishing the Beads

They are much more beautiful than anything carved from the stolen tusks of thousands of elephants which once roamed the African plains.

Finishing The Beads

  • Down load a list of names from the ‘Foster an orphaned elephant’ (Lima Lima, Ndotto, Ngalai etc) section of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website.
  • Print these making sure you leave a gap between each one for trimming purposes.
  • Then print a repeat list of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for the second tag. Laminate pages of both tags then trim for use.
  • Punch a hole in each tag.
  • Tie one end of each string to a taut washing line in the classroom then paint the beads with PVA glue to strengthen them and give more vibrant colour.
  • Once dry knot the name tags onto the string (with a knot between each tag), then tie both ends together and trim any excess string.

Your elephant beads are complete.

Top Tips

  1. Change the water in your pots often. You will get much purer colour with fresh clean water.
  2. Wash your brushes thoroughly every time you change paint colours . Place them between sheets of paper hand towels and gently press the water out of them.
  3. Acrylic paint can be quite thick. If your chosen colour is too thick dilute it with water…a bit at a time.
  4. Use the tip of your brush to add pattern detail…apply the paint with a light touch……you have much more control and will be pleased with the end result.
  5. It’s very tempting but don’t load your brush with too much paint especially when you are applying pattern detail.

These beads must be sold with 2 tags. The first showing the name of an orphan elephant, and the second the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Design number 6005186 Intellectual Property Office

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