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Beads For Elephants

Beads For Elephants

Yes! Kids’ Tusk Force UK beads are beautiful……they are beautiful in more ways than you think!

  • They are inspired by Africa’s beauty…its vibrant, glowing, rich, traditional colours…its wild animals…the dwellers of earth, plain, savannah, bush, forest, river, lakes, oceans and sky.
  • They are made from clay and decorated with water based paints…they are strung with jute twine….nothing has been harmed to make them.
  • They are much more beautiful than anything carved from ivory.
  • They are dedicated to young orphan elephants which have been given a second chance at life. Milk dependent elephants, who more often than not have been orphaned as a result of their mother’s death due to poaching.
  • They are dedicated to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. A place where each little elephant is cared for by teams of wonderful keepers and vets …people who care…….people whose love for each and every calf is a joy to behold.

These reasons alone make our beads absolutely and utterly priceless.

Go to ….. learn all about the Trust’s mission and be inspired by everything you see.

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