Kids Tusk Force UK

  • You can be as horrified as you are heartbroken
  • You can be as angry as you are devastated
  • You can feel all these emotions only too easily when you know what mankind is doing to elephants every hour of every day
  • You can sit back OR you can stand up and do something to help stop the ever decreasing numbers of these incredible animals due to poaching and the illegal ivory trade


  • Stand Up With Us!
  • Make our beautiful beads - a symbol of hope for the orphan elephants they are dedicated to - hold a fundraising sale - then foster an elephant for your school
  • Learn about the bigger picture of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • Support their entire program with KIDS' TUSK FORCE UK

Foster an Elephant

From Aitong, Ajali, Ajok and Alamaya to Lentili, Lesanju, Lewa and Lima Lima. From Ndotto, Ndume, Nelion and Ngasha to Yatta, Ziwa, Zongoloni and Zurura. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust likes to name its orphaned elephants in a way that can identify them with their origin. They come from every corner of Kenya and from many different elephant populations. Little Oltaiyoni was named after a small tributary running into the Ziwani swamps close to where she was found. Ndotto was named after the Ndoto Mountains, where he was rescued, which in Swahili means 'to dream'.

Create Elephant Beads

We know about ‘the circle of life’ and ‘the food chain’ from watching all the wonderful natural history programs on the television. Nature can be quite brutal…that is a fact of life. No animal though should suffer a cruel, needless and unmerciful death at the hands of man for the greed of man. Poaching is cruel, needless and unmerciful. That is a fact. Please support our crusade…make our beautiful beads and sell them as a symbol of hope for a very young elephant orphaned as a result of its mother’s death due to poaching…hang them in your home…let them be a constant reminder of the life you are part of and are now supporting.

Adopt an Elephant

As one of the Trust’s foster parents you are considered part of the Sheldrick Trust team. Your school will be sent a fostering certificate of your adopted elephant – an interactive map indicating where your orphan was found- a monthly summary highlighting the previous month together with a direct link to the ‘Keeper’s Diary’ for your elephant. Updates of daily calendar entries and photos can be printed off enabling you to keep a journal highlighting the progress of your orphan. You will receive a collectable monthly watercolour by Angela Sheldrick … and from time-to-time you will also receive news of new arrivals and rescues with accompanying photos.

Learn More About Kids' Tusk Force UK

Our Story - A Seed is Sown

In May of 2016 a string of handmade clay beads inspired by and painted with colours of Africa’s animals and traditional tribal patterns played a significant part in a parish ‘Family Worship’ service in Wiltshire.

How To Make The Elephant Beads

Learn how to make our elephant beads using our step-by-step instructions.

Our Mission

Find out about the ivory poaching in Africa and the threat it poses to elephants.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

To inspire a better future for all, discover the conservation work of this incredible organisation by working with our younger generation, which Kids' Tusk Force UK is proud to support through fundraising and awareness.

Two Million Tusks

Two Million Tusks is hugely supportive of the wonderful initiative - Kids’ Tusk Force UK. It's vitally important children are introduced to and become involved in the environment and wildlife from a very young age.

Bear Grylls

Harness the power of the UK's schoolchildren to protect and nurture one of the World's noblest and magnificent gifts- the elephant.

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